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Howdy, cowpokes,

Welcome to Ye Olde Weblog, compliments of the fine folks at Blogger.com. If you're here, you probably have way too much time on your hands, and you know damn well that I'm not half as funny as I think I am. :-D Anyway, it's here that I'll be trying to write pretty regularly. I'll pick books apart, tear music to shreds, and stick your favorite DVDs in the microwave oven for in-depth analysis or just general crispefying (if that's even a word--I have my doubts). If you want to see me tackle a particular topic that I don't have on my mind usually, then post away and I'll try my best to dedicate a blog entry to your very own crusade.

So what's new with me? At the moment, I'm suffering through a second day of agony along the left side of my neck and part of my shoulder. So, shall my pain die by fire (heating pad) or ice (ice pack, actually)? You decide my fate.

Through my pain, which I came upon curiously after I'd left the unemployment office (did one of the workers there stick me under some cruel hex?), I've set up this blog, gone out to eat, and connected a name to the song that's been running through my head ever since I had the chance to re-watch the pilot episode of "Werewolf," a short-lived FOX TV series that aired in 1987. If you recognize the title to this entry, then chances are you know the song. (For the uninitiated: it's Mike and the Mechanics' "Silent Running," from 1985. Shame on you for making me tell!) It's a pretty good theme for what's happening in the world and in my life, but the story to that will have to wait until the neck pain goes away--can't really concentrate right now.

Oh, yeah, what else is happening? I'm saving a bunch of VHS tapes off to DVD compliments of my trusty TiVo and a stack of DVD-Rs a mile high, trying to banish the ghost called videocassette once and for all. And I'm hoping against hope that tomorrow, my Local Comic Shop (forevermore abbreviated LCS) retailer has ordered me a New Avengers #4 variant edition so I can pick it up tomorrow. Beyond that, well, still having trouble thinking.

More tomorrow, presuming this pesky pain goes away.

Tamam Shud!

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