First, the Comics Industry...Tomorrow, the World!

Hey all,

I forgot to mention I'm now an official reviewer at ComiX-Fan, with about 6 reviews up right now and one more before the night's out. Check me out over there on a regular basis!

Adventures of Superman #640 Review
Batman: Dark Detective #2 Review
DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1 Review
The Flash #222 Review
The Incredible Hulk #81 Review
Manhunter #10 Review

And to think...it all started with people over at ComiXtreme pi$$ing me off (see my "Ruminations: Incredible Hulk #80" post)!



  1. Gary,

    Good luck with reviewing the comics. I know you will be good at it, since you know more about the history of most of these characters than I ever have.

    I have started writing Null again, would love to show you some but right now it is all freehand. Since the 2099 fan-fic univerese is starting over again with one of the classic "reboots" I decided to give it another shot. This time I am basig the tale out of Toronto, and Null is a memeber of the future's Alpha Flight.

    Hopefully I will get enough done that I can let you read it one of these days. If I get further behind on writing they just might kick me out again!


  2. Sounds good, Jim! Glad to see you hovering around these parts!

    Oh, and I wrote four more reviews this week. Fun, fun!



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