I Did It (So You Won't Have To)

Compliments of Yahoo's message boards...the funniest message subject lines, regardless of matters of personal taste:

Jesus Juice For All at Neverland
Pedophilia Legal In California!
Jacko Freed! Whackos Celebrate!
Rich Black Man Free to Molest Again (okay, this one's racist...take 'black' out and it still reads funny)
Just Wait Till He Molests His Own Kids
Jacko the Ripper Parties Tonight
Boys Jumping Out of Cakes at Neverland Tonight
Sleepover - Milk, Cookies, Boys Served at Neverland Tonight
MJ to OJ and Blake: "Couldn't Have Done It Without You"

So which are the real headlines, which did I paraphrase, and which did I make up for a quick funny?


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