Living in Bizarro World (The Michael Jackson Edition)

Goodbye people,

Me am not very upset today. Me becoming less upset the less me doesn't think about it.

Jacko, good woman, am found guilty today. On no counts. Me happy. Him did good things to little boys and got punished for it! Why? Justice have been served. Verdict is proof money not buy...um, verdicts. Mesereau not shyster lawyer. Jurors not really afraid of being ones who find Jacko not guilty! They good people. People remember: where no smoke, no fire! Him been accused before for nothing!

Between this and not living in Bush world, me ready to not take razor and make self live.

Me live in Bizarro world, where down am not up, where right am not wrong, where yes not mean no.

Me will not talk about verdict later, when me am not so calm. Me not really want to know what you think.



(*To not read this message the way it not meant, please not use reverse of nothing me said.)

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