Paging Linda Lovelace...

Well, the secret is out. Deep Throat came forward, and apparently, there'll be no second-guessing it, as Woodward and Bernstein have endorsed W. Mark Felt to indeed be the guy. And here I was all ready to do this bit...aw, hell, I'll do it anyway.

"All this situation needs now is for a couple more people to step forward and go all 'Spartacus' on the Deep Throat thing. Hal Holbrook, Linda Lovelace, Jerry Hardin...it'll be a big party."

There, good to get that out in the open, dumb as it was.

For my money, Mr. Felt was a hero, even if he did what he did for what some may term "the wrong reasons." Sure, he could've resigned first, but again, refer to his reasons for doing what he did. I know, I know, he didn't get any higher in the FBI by doing what he did. But hey, as a writer friend pointed out, it's an interesting truism that disgruntled employees make the best witnesses.

I do think the identity of Deep Throat was not the best-kept secret, as it seemed several people out there already knew who he was, like Woodward's wife, Nora Ephron, and her son, and her son's campmate who wrote a school report about it, and...

Now I hear his family stands to make a small fortune if they ink a book deal. Here's hoping he pounded out the text 20 years ago and just needs to do some updating. The guy is 91 and in failing health. How's he going to be able to recall all that information and present it in a cogent manner? A ghostwriter?

At least let the kids and grandkids have a "My father/grandfather spilled important government secrets that helped to topple Richard M. Nixon, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" shirt, or three, or however many kids he has.


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  1. Here is the ironic part...Felt himself and another person from the FBI were convicted a few years after watergate of violating 4th amendment rights. Seems they had authorised some break in's and illegal wire tapping on a few suspects the FBI had.

    Strange....but true.


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