Don't Shoot Me...I'm Just Buying Gasoline!

Whew. Everyone out there better be sure to carry a baseball bat and make sure your auto insurance is paid up as you head to the pumps today. To say prices are volatile is an understatement. People are at the pumps acting like madpeople--punching and hitting each other just because one person thinks the other is "stealing" the gas that is "rightfully theirs." Regular grade gas is anywhere from $2.67 to $2.85 per gallon if you can get it in the Pittsburgh area. (I say 'if' because many stores around here are out of regular grade gas.) I've seen premium gas up to nearly $3.50. Gas is also $3.42/gallon in Atlanta. Rumor has it this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thank you Katrina, and f*** you OPEC.

I also believe cheapgas.com has requested a domain name change to nosuchthingascheapgas.com, or expensiveashellgas.com, or somesuch. Friends of George W. Bush and OPEC are phoning in comments of sincere thanks. I also think OPEC is holding hourly masses praising God, Allah, or the deity of their choice. People are also suddenly discussing the downfall of the entire infrastructure of the country, or just the downfall of the entire airline industry.

Inflation is right around the corner. Produce costs will soar, as will the price of anything carried by truck. Prices are on their way to...well, experts say $4/gallon, but I say $5. In this case I hope the experts are closer to the real figure than I am.

Let's hope it settles down soon, else it's just back issues and old books & magazines for me.

Just to state the obvious: anywhere near minimum wage ain't gonna cut it anymore.

Be careful out there. Like I said: baseball bats, auto insurance. And watch for water in the tank.

Why couldn't Reagan have kept up the research avenues for new fuel sources in '81 instead of vetoing all the legislature that President Carter put forth? Can't anyone see it's bad to rely on one type of fuel?

Is www.screw-you-opec.com taken?



  1. OMG! Thats cheap gas, here its like $20 for a gallon and sometimes $30!!! So lucky u ;-) PEACE & HOLLABACK

  2. Perhaps high gas prices will be the good that will come out of Katrina. With high gas prices people will start thinking seriously about conservation and efficiency. We would then see more effort going into sustainable alternatives like solar, wind, etc. Ah, but we can dream...


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