There Might Be a God

According to tvshowsondvd.com today, plans have been confirmed that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be releasing "The Flash" on DVD, in late 2005 or early 2006. This news comes on the heels of a recent announcement that one episode of the cult TV show (my personal favorite amid all the superhero shows that ever made it to the airwaves) will be made available as part of Warner's 50th anniversary of their TV programming, as supplement to the 4th season Smallville DVD set.

Of course, also on today's plate: an interview at Newsarama with 30 Days of Night horror writer emeritus Steve Niles, who is also writing the one-shot Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl featuring art by Duncan Fegredo and starring a certain green-skinned behemoth whom I personally can't get enough of. The book is 48 pages, costs $3.99, and ships October 26th. The book already has a stunning Banner-to-Hulk transformation sequence (which you can see by visiting the above link). Could be the book of the year for me. I suggest anyone who wants to see an A-list writer on board The Incredible Hulk regular title pick this one up. In the interview, Mr. Niles expressed his burning desire to write the Hulk on a regular basis, and certainly shows the enthusiasm required for the project. He's begged and pleaded with Marvel's editorial, but has continually met with rejection. Marvel needs to know Steve Niles is someone we Hulk fans want on the book! So, you guys know the drill: buy Niles' one-shot, and write in!

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