Iron & Steel in Your DVD Player (Or, The Most Unexpected DVD Season Set of All...or, "DRIVE!")

Oy vey. Is it me, or is the apocalypse now coming that much sooner?

This just in from the wonderful folks at tvshowsondvd.com: one of my favorite TV shows from the early 1980s, Hardcastle & McCormick, is coming back in a five-disc DVD set, due in Canadian stores February 14th. Anyone who doesn't remember this show--well, you're excused, but you'd better get yourself to an online retailer the moment this thing's up for preorders, else you'll be missing the big one. And here I just got over having The Flash in a 6-disc set, arriving a scant few weeks ago. At this point I really won't be surprised if Paramount heeds the demands of the assembled masses and schedules Friday the 13th, the Series: The Complete First Season any day now. (God would then have to announce the apocalypse as occuring the following Tuesday, methinks. Damn.)

So, what is H&M? It's a buddy cop type deal, only, well, not. Evidence: "Milton C. Hardcastle is a retired judge from the Los Angeles Superior Court. Mark McCormick, an ex-race car driver turned thief, was Hardcastle's last case. Mark has been placed in the Judge's custody and together they're going after 200 cases that walked out of Hardcastle's courtroom on technicalities." Okay, so the show didn't quite make it to 200 episodes, but the three seasons that were produced were pretty good. Keep in mind, I haven't seen the majority of the episodes for years, but the pilot was very entertaining and several other episodes I have seen in the last few years (thank you, traders!) are almost as good. I can't wait to see the pilot in high quality as it was meant to be seen.

So, check this set out on Valentine's Day. And buy The Flash on DVD while you're at it.



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