Of Novels, Muses, Employment, and, Y'Know, Other Stuff

Whew....didn't think I'd ever get back to you guys.

Let's see: the new job doesn't suck. In fact, not only does it not suck, I now have my own name plaque velcroed to the cubicle, which means my job's secure for at least another week. I've been working hard, but now things are settling down enough that I can probably work on some other projects.

And yes, that means...the novel. I took a trip for research purposes to a local (ahem) club in search of stories and fulfillment of that whole "write what you know" shtick. Well, coming out of it last night, and after having to drag my buddy kicking and screaming from said place, well, I only wish the trip were tax-deductible. Not that I'm hurting for cash now, mind you...and if, if I go again, it won't be for a good, long while. Anyway, I think I've discovered my artist's muse. And no, no, a thousand times no, it's not a sexual thing. And I'm not protesting too much, but rather, just enough, thankyew. I'm trying really hard to get some extra sleep so I can maybe write some tomorrow early when I'm refreshed.

I'm also reading a bit more. Check out Greg Pak's debut on The Incredible Hulk with February's issue #92, and Stuart Moore's truly revolutionary treatment of my favorite DC hero in this past week's Firestorm, which had not long ago been relegated to the bottom of my reading pile. Welcome back, Martin Stein!

More tomorrow or the day after, honest!


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