What, No Lucky Charms?

Hey, all--

This time I'm entertaining you all from work, where I've taken my laptop...and after a few hours, I've even managed to get it online and working! Anyway I wish I had a picture to show you guys. An hour ago, it finished raining, and outside we had a rainbow whose end was, miraculously, right outside of our building, in the parking lot to the adjacent hotel. Sorry to say, I looked outside, right where the rays of multicolored light hit the pavement, and no pot o' gold could be located. (Still would've been cool to photograph the end of the rainbow...grr...)

Let's see what else is up...if I weren't writing to you people right now, I'd be writing my novel in between calls. It's okay stuff right now, nothing special. It's an arduous task, introducing my main character to the audience, having him go through his daily routine the morning after Spring Break has officially ended. I'm sure it'll pick up, but it's just not very interesting yet, no doubt because the real fun hasn't begun (and won't for another chapter, at least). Still it's nice to just write, to express myself, to once more assume the guise of the tortured artiste. Plus, well, I do have my newfound muse to think of, which is nice. Maybe I'll get the last of my research in very soon (some emails involved with not-so-young professionals...nothing so outre as the previous bout of "research," I assure you).

Anything else? Well, the Power Girl sketch from my buddy Jon Falkner is coming in at last, and I may scan it to give you guys a peek. If anyone's interested in getting great penciled art, then drop me a line and I'll put you in touch.

If you guys remember my last blog post, you'll know I predicted the apocalypse coming sooner than expected. Well, according to MSNBC, the global "tipping point" has been or may soon be reached, meaning environmentally, we're all just about screwed unless we cut down on emissions by about 50% in the next few years. Fun. Between this and Bush being in charge, we are indeed past the point of no return on this sinking ship we call Earth. Don't deny it!

At least maybe I'll become a bestselling author before we all die in the 6th Extinction...


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