War, Hulk, Good God, Ya'll....

Well, folks, the last time I mentioned the Hulk on this blog, aside from my having bought #1, Greg Pak was on board and I was interviewing him for the main title. For those who haven't been following through PLANET HULK, the universe-spanning epic that is available in hardcover now from such fine folks as www.instocktrades.com, the Green Goliath was exiled to a faraway planet by some heroes he thought were his friends, but instead of going to the planet they intended, he smashed his way off-course and through a wormhole to a world where he could actually be hurt (gasp!). In true Russell Crowe fashion, he rose from slave to gladiator to rebel leader to Green King, taking a wife and gaining acceptance before having all his happiness taken away in a flash of nuclear fire. Of course, the madder the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets, and faster than you can say "puny humans," the newly-crowned Green King led a team of his monstrous compadres back to Earth for some (he believed) righteous vengeance. So was set WORLD WAR HULK.

So now, WORLD WAR HULK is over, the fifth and final issue having shipped this last week. Is it any wonder I'm reviewing the whole shebang here? I'll post thoughts on one piece of the puzzle every day this week (and it may bleed into the week beyond depending on my schedule). I'll piece together everything and arrive at final thoughts thereafter. In a bit of foreshadowing, I'll just say that I think any forthcoming HULK writers have their work cut out for them trying to surpass what Greg Pak & co. have come up with in these five issues (and the myriad of tie-ins).

To be HULKINUED...Monday!


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