Planet Hulk: The Web Event...

...will NOT be hosted here, although I'd love to do it.


I hope everyone's seen this: PLANET HULK, the animated Marvel film based upon the groundbreaking storyline by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan & Aaron Lopresti, will premiere in dual screenings in New York City and Los Angeles tomorrow, January 14th. They're asking comic fans with websites to "host" extended home versions of the event by streaming coverage on their sites.

I won't be streaming it. Sorry fellas! But that's only because I won't be here to do it. I'm going to be in L.A. at the premiere event. I wish I could say more, but really, I don't want to screw up my hookup. Suffice to say, I'll be hobnobbing with fellow Hulk fans in the area, and attending the Q&A following the premiere. I'll be back sometime Friday. Will I review the film? Maybe eventually.

Hulkamaniacs rejoice! Will a WORLD WAR HULK movie be far behind?


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