And I'm only going to spoil the NEXT to last page here:

Not sayin' nuttin'. No, sir.




  1. Hi Gary,

    I couldn't let this important moment go by and not say anything, but to contact you directly and congratuate you on guessing correctly the identities of both Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk.

    Well Done!!!!

    You have made reading both titles (and their respective spin-off's and tie-in's) most enjoyable.

    So thank you for that!

    Has you know from my time blogging on Ratchet's website (Ryan to those in the know)I provided a lot of information including spoiler's, links and picture's amongst others. Greg Pak did say in an interview several months ago he knew where the Hulk would be in 2011 and 2012. Which I did cover by the way on Ratchet's website.

    Question I wanted to ask you is where do you think the Hulk Universe will be after world War Hulks?

    I think that Rick, Betty and all the super heroes and the AIM soldier's will be returned to normal.

    General Ross (I think)will remain as Red Hulk for the foreseeable future. Possibly joining one of the Avenger Team's or joining the Thunderbolts.

    Your thoughts?

    Warmest regards!

    King Hulk Marco

  2. Heh, thanks Marco. It seems the majority of the Hulkish hordes assembled are coming down on the revelation. They must have only been excited at the theory so long as it only stayed that. I prefer the comments like yours, that the theory made the months leading to the revelation palatable.

    I provided a follow-up on iFanboy.com per their request that had my more-or-less complete reaction to the revelation.

    I think the majority of the irradiated characters will return to normal. I'm curious what will happen to Betty and Thunderbolt. We'll see. For now I don't want to speculate, I just want to enjoy the ride.


  3. I agree with what you are saying.

    On the good side of things, Hiro Kala appears to be coming to Earth in time for World War HulkS!!!

    That should be very interesting.

    Also, Marvel needs to decide if the new Scorpion is going to be Bruce's daughter too.

    If she is, she needs to involved in this cross over.

    Warmest regards!

    King Hulk Marco

  4. Gary,

    I wanted to ask if you know what's up with Jeff Parker's website?

    Seems to be a problem logging on and and entering your comments.

    Most strange .............

    Warmest regards

    King Hulk Marco

  5. Marco,

    I don't go to Jeff Parker's site, so I don't know what's up with the postings over there.

    As for Hiro-Kala, I have it on pretty good authority that he's being saved for the arc(s) after WWHs.


  6. Really?

    Are you in a position yet to elaborate on that statement?

    Though it would make sense to introduce Hiro Kala to Bruce and co at a later stage after World War Hulk's.

    Also, anything planned with Lyra bonding with Bruce's extended family? (We have had titbits of her talking to her brother Skaar and Auntie Jen). More of that would be nice.

    Also the mystery of the new Scorpion. Will she be introduced as a genuine member of the Hulk family or not?

    Again, bonding opportunities are abound with her meeting the extended family.

    Last three questions :-
    1). Will Betty Ross as Red She-Hulk be meeting Betty Ross from the Ultimates dimension as the Ultimate She-Hulk?

    Red She-Hulk Vs Ultimate She-Hulk sounds interesting to me.

    2). Any news on the hinted Lyra She-Hulk vs The Maestro mini-series? Joey Q hinted it as a possibilty a while ago but, nothing has come out as definite yet through my sources. Anything from your side on this?

    3). Lastly, anything planned with Bruce Banner Jr? The last Hulk from The Old Man Logan series (we first saw him as a baby in this).

    Then later as a grown up in that four issue mini series Fantastic Force that came out last year. He is making an appearance in the current Fantastic Four storyline's.

    Will he meet Bruce from 616 universe and the extended family?
    Will we find out who his mother is?

    There is a mystery for you Gary. Will it be Betty Ross, Jen Walters or another woman revealed?


    Sorry for length of my reply but, getting access to your site is very diffiult for me. Only have access to it once a week at the moment. Long story!

    Warmest regards as always!

    King Hulk Marco

  7. PS I like your work on ifanboy too.

    You really should be working for one of the Big Two.

    I always look for HulkSmash272 entries on ifanboy as you are quite insightful.

    Again, warmest regards!

    King Hulk Marco


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