More iFanboy.com Red Hulk Goodness

Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan of iFanboy.com are at it once again, discussing the Red Hulk saga at length on their site. Pay particular attention to the below segment. Hail to the King, baby.

Read or download the whole deal now at the main page for the video podcast at iFanboy.

Here's the link to the original post on iFanboy.com as well as the one Ron read in the first place, if you're not sick of seeing it already.

And if you're not reading Jeff Parker and Gabe Hardman's new run on HULK...what's stopping you?



  1. Whats stopping me? Ewwwww... First,i'm not interested in following the adventures of a 60 years old granpa turning into a Red Hulk-wanna be...2- Incredible Hulks is the only place where I can follow the adventures of my favorite green comic character ATM....3- Parker,while a good writer, is not as gifted as Pak IMO.

    And I'm surprised honestly to see you supporting this book,As if the Red Hulk doesnt sell,we could finally see the return of the Green Hulk in a book called " Hulk " in the first place.Surely you would prefer that ?

  2. Of course I would prefer a second book starring Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk, but right now, I'll take a book with Bruce Banner in a supporting role to Ross, who's only recently stepped out of his shadow. Ross is not Banner and will never act as Banner does. So far, Jeff Parker's hitting that dichotomy on the nose. His interaction between Ross and Banner is spot-on. True, logistically it'd fit better if Ross wasn't a dead ringer for Banner's Hulk-form, but there are in-story reasons for that. I also like the thrust of the story and the characterization of Ross, and the relationship with Steve Rogers is priceless. (I'm cautiously optimistic about AVENGERS, but I have a whole lot less faith in Bendis than Parker.)

    You also forget that the Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness Red Hulk run was largely successful because of, well, the Red Hulk, not the green one. It's been his book, and I think Marvel would cancel the title altogether before they hand the book back to Banner, especially in these tough economic times where spin-off books just aren't working. (I keep hearing horror stories of how books like the Victor Gischler "X-Men" and Fred Van Lente's "Iron Man Legacy" are dying on the vine compared to their more established counterpart titles, sometimes selling less than 10 percent of said books, leaving retailers stuck with vast quantities of books they can't move.) It's possible that HULK will begin a downward spiral, especially with a lesser-tier creative team now in control, just as it's possible (and even, sadly, likely) that INCREDIBLE HULKS will enter a tailspin because of its now twice-monthly status through year's end (ref: Spider-Man's "Brand New Day").

    The bottom line is that I buy what I enjoy, and I enjoy Jeff Parker & Gabe Hardman's HULK.

    Good points. Next time, however, sign your work--I don't like launching into discussions with anonymous parties. That's why there's a "Name/URL" field, there.



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