Happy 2011 - Resolutions on the Docket!

Howdy gang!

Well, it's my first post of 2011, and I have to tell you guys that I've made some resolutions! This year, you should get a bare minimum of 52 posts from me--or one post per week. That's the tip of the iceberg as I've promised myself I'm going to get published by the end of the year, in print. It's up to YOU guys to keep me on the straight and narrow. It won't be easy, what with a full-time job otherwise, plus a podcast (The Spectacular Spider-Cast, co-hosted by Chris "Comic Addiction" Partin, which you should download now from iTunes or the website link previous). Things have amped up as result of attending the New York Comic-Con last year (don't ask!) so I'm feeling increasingly confident. I already have several ideas for blog posts, and I wanted to give you guys just a taste of what you'll see in coming weeks:

  • Reviews of the "Chaos War" crossover issues of The Incredible Hulks, plus the status quo of Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman's Hulk; Harrison Wilcox & Ryan Stegman's She-Hulks; and an advance review of the Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force trade paperback collection!
  • A retrospective on one of my lesser-known favorite heroes: Firestorm, the Nuclear Man!
  • A few fictional diversions from my college days for your perusal, including an award-winning number.
  • An analysis of my first aborted attempt at writing for Marvel: that research document that was nearly featured on the Webnet--the Spider-Man/Jackal Dossier.
  • An analysis of my second aborted attempt at writing for Marvel: that script I agonized over for the 2003 Epic initiative, one featuring the one and only Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan!
  • All this, and an advance review of Greg Pak's Vision Machine #3!

I'm also relatively sure I'll be finding some other interesting things to talk about, not just restricted to comics. I have recently watched the Blu-Ray version of Fantasia, and have discovered Hammer Films on Blu-Ray!

Excelsior! More tomorrow (I hope)!


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  1. Hi Gary,

    It seems that things are really moving for you at a breakneck speed. I do hope that it all pans out for you.

    I have emailed you recently. I can see why you haven't had a chance to respond.

    I am really looking forward to reading all your goodies.

    Take care of yourself!

    Marco (aka King Hulk Marco)


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