Incredible Hulks #623 Preview


While waiting for my Chaos War #5/Incredible Hulks #621 review (coming before the weekend, I swear!), here's a sumptuous feast of a page by Dale Eaglesham, Drew Hennessy & Dean White from the February 23-shipping Incredible Hulks #623:

Preview page - Click for MORE
If you click here or on the above link, you'll see more preview pages from the same issue. It looks like the Warbound will be having one last adventure with a very humbled Hulk. Elsewhere in the preview pages lurks No-Name of the Brood, but here in this page are the assembled Hulks plus Kate Waynesboro and Elloe Kaifi!

Great, great stuff by Dale, Drew and Dean, and I can't wait to see the finished issue. It looks like #625 is the end of the line for the Hulk family, and it all starts here with part one of the three-part "Planet Savage" storyline. This epic storyline guest-stars Ka-Zar and features the return of renegade Warbound member Miek, fresh from his appearance in the final two issues of Chaos War. Don't miss out!

Visit Dale Eaglesham's website here to see some process artwork from the arc. With five pages looking as good as this, can it be very long before he's asked to come back?

Written by GREG PAK
Pencils and Cover by DALE EAGLESHAM
Rated A… $2.99
FOC – 1/31/11, On-Sale 2/23/11


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