Apropos of nothing, some changes around here!

Howdy gang!

If you're visiting this site today, February 8th, or anytime thereafter, you're going to notice some changes around here--and what you see up on top of the page is just the beginning! At the risk of injury from patting myself on the back, the above graphic comes courtesy of yours truly. I thought it was time for a nice, dynamic logo instead of straight text. I think it says what this site is about rather ably, how about you? And yes, before you ask: the books, CDs, DVDs, comics--they're all mine. Every last one. I'm thinking of holding some kind of contest to give something really nifty to anybody who can identify every item in my new logo picture. Well, start those guesses rolling in, if you like. Meanwhile, hey, there's popular culture to be discussed! Onward!


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  1. Gary,since you have twitter could ask Greg Pak or Fred Van Lente if either of them are familar with the Avengers issues that feature Prometheus? The Marvel Appendix says they are issues 282-285.


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