iFanboy Strikes Again: Simon Williams on Hulk Vs. Death's Head!

This is the part where the guy down below says, "You aren't here for me, you're here for the moron with green skin, yes? The one that you hope will smash my arse into the middle of next week? Keep dreaming, yes? And make with the clicking where you'll see iFanboy's exclusive interview with the artist who brought me back to print, Simon Williams! Then, send an e-mail to Marvel in the US so you guys get to see me too, or...or something. Or I'll send the green guy after you for some Hulk Smashing or whatever he calls it, yes?"

P.S.: I'd do what he says! (Also, stay tuned for my eventual reviews of my newly-acquired graphic novel collections featuring the original Death's Head, as pictured above!)


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