We're Back! The Spectacular Spider-Cast Episode 3.1....errrr, 4!

Howdy all!

Today I'd very much like if you all moved your butts over to www.spectacularspidercast.com, which is, of course, the home of The Spectacular Spider-Cast, a podcast devoted to the misadventures of everyone's favorite hero who could be you! I've hosted the podcast since late last year alongside Comic Addiction's Chris Partin, but Chris has moved on *cough* Image Addiction podcast *cough* which has led to my wrangling Joltin' Jonathan Westhoff as my new co-host as of this month's episode!

Spectacular Spider-Cast Promo:

This is the fourth episode, and if you haven't listened to the first three episodes, well, they're still readily available both on the website and over at iTunes! By all means, if you like what you hear, share the love! The Spider-Cast has a Twitter feed (@spider_cast) and an e-mail address (spidercastpodcast@gmail.com), and there will likely also be a Facebook fan page in the near future. Don't forget too that the podcast is part of the Comic Book Noise family of podcasts, with many other thrilling shows like The Incredible Hulkcast (to which I sometimes contribute) and Marvel Noise (with Rampagin' Rick Hansen's "Smash Tales" segment dramatizing the Hulk's best moments)!

Who says this isn't the Marvel Age of Pandemonian Podcasts?


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