Do You Fear...The Hulk Looking Like a Total Tool?

Don't say I didn't warn you! Stuart Immonen's variant cover to Fear Itself #2 spotlights one of "The Worthy." Yes, I'll be picking this one up.

It looks as though Marvel's prepping the Hulk for something big, post-Pak and post-Fear Itself. How big? Well, he is headed for his 50th anniversary in 2012...

Anyone else getting vibes that conjure the House of M version of our beloved Hulk, from 2005?

That's what I thought. What is it about a bald Hulk? Any comments from the ladies?

Stay tuned, this story's definitely developing in weeks to come...



  1. You know what I'm wondering? Yes, it does have a major similarity to the cover of House of M: Incredible Hulk and it appears that Hulk will be used as a weapon of incredible destruction. But what I'm wondering is this- Is the events of Fear Itself taking place before or after Greg Pak's Heart of the Monster storyline? Judging from the poster, I'm willing to bet that the events of Fear Itself take place before Heart of the Monster.

    What do you think, Gary?


    P.S., Hulk's hammer could put Thor's hammer Mjolnir to shame! :)

  2. You know, its nice to see I wasn't the only person to notice that.

    It is a cool look for the Hulk to sport though not as cool as the World Breaker look when Hulk becomes the Herald of Galactus.

    Imagine those two looks combined? Awesome!!!!


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