Gene Gonzales & Psylocke! (But Not THAT Psylocke!)

Guys and dolls--

I'm heading back east tomorrow night (redeye *yawn*) but wanted to give you all a taste of what I'm going to get when I arrive! The Pittsburgh Comicon will be in town, and I'm sure I'll meet a Twitter follower or two along the way. Also, I'll be getting convention sketches! I've prepared an interesting list which may not be totally fulfilled--hey, I still have NYCC in October, right?--but I'll be doing my best. I already have a few super-cool ideas! And yes, I do pick unusual subjects, just ask this guy...

Click the pic to see my commission at Gene's blog!
While you wait for the next post from me, head on over to Gene Gonzales' blog, where today's feature is my convention commission: the original 1980s X-Man, Psylocke--purple hair and all! This is where it's at, kids! Isn't she lovely?


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